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Terms and Conditions

General information

TRANSFER-BILBAO.COM is a trademark owned by ELADIO EMPRESA JOVEN, S.A.L., with VAT number A48843676 and domiciled at C/NOVIA SALCEDO, 36 BILBAO 48012 (SPAIN).

TRANSFER-BILBAO.COM acts as a transfer operator for ELADIO EMPRESA JOVEN, S.A.L. through its web and doesn't work through intermediaries, since it works with its own vehicle fleet and driver staff.

How it works

To use properly the services of TRANSFER-BILBAO.COM you must understand and accept the conditions detailed in this section.


When filling in the reservation form, you'll be requesting a transfer service. In that form you'll be asked to give us some compulsory and non compulsory details, necessary to go on with your booking. To avoid mistakes, please, check the details you enter. When entering your credit card data you'll be authorising us to charge immediately against it the total amount of the requested services.

Right after receiving your booking request and its corresponding payment, we'll send you an email with the details of your reservation as well as a second email with the voucher, where you'll find the booking number to give the driver when you meet him at the pick-up place. When you receive both emails, please, check carefully the information contained in them and, if you see any mistake, contact us immediately. If you receive no emails from us (after checking the inbox and the junk email too) contact us immediately because we may not have received your reservation request either, whether your credit card has been charged or not.

For further information, please, consult our modification/cancellation policies.


To modify your booking you must access the booking manager menu.

At the moment of using the offer finder you must check the elements selected/typed in it carefully (pick-up date and time, pick-up and drop-off places, and number of passengers to prevent exceeding the maximum capacity of the vehicle) because, once made the reservation, you won't be allowed to modify any of these parameters and to do so you should cancel it and make a new reservation. When retrying a reservation you may find no availability for it or receive a different price for it.


To cancel your booking you must access the booking manager menu.

If you cancel your booking at least 48 hours in advance, you'll receive a 100% refund. If the cancellation is tried later (but before the pick-up time) it can still be done, although the refund will be partial and it will depend on how in advance you do it and the type of service it is. In the latter case, there might be no refund at all.

Waiting time and overtime

The included waiting time will be shown to you at the moment of making the reservation and will also be detailed in the emails you receive after completing it. If you should suffer a delay (for instance, when claiming your lost luggage at the airport or arriving late at the pick-up place) and forsee that the waiting time included won't be enough, you'll notify it to us by phone ASAP. Otherwise, the driver, once expired the waiting time included, will be released from your service.

In case of overtime, you must pay the driver the amount resulting of the extra time (in cash). The price per hour will be specified in one of the emails you receive after making the reservation and it will be charged by blocks of quarters of hour.

You can also ask for an extension of the service on the way (for instance, adding an hour to a sightseeing tour) In this case the aforesaid would be applied here. If the service extension consists, on the other hand, of e.g. adding a place to visit, there could be an excess of kilometres and it could also imply a surcharge of toll expenses, etc. In the latter case, you must ask the driver how much is the extra amount and pay it to him in cash at that moment (in this case, it is TRANSFER-BILBAO.COM who will decide, depending on its compromises with other reservations, if your service can be extended).


TRANSFER-BILBAO.COM offers you a variety of extras, such as: infant seat, child booster seat and wheelchair for disabled passengers. If you need any of these extras, don't forget to hire them in the extras box when selecting the vehicle type, since you won't be allowed to hire it later.

When hiring our wheelchair, our chauffeur will help you with it. If you hire a second wheelchair, there must be an abled passenger who can help you with it. If you bring your own wheelchair (which must be a folding one) don't forget to tell us in the other transfer details box in the reservation step and take it into account for the space left in the boot for the rest of your luggage.

If you travel with your own folding wheelchair, don't forget to notify it to us in the other transfer details box in the reservation step and take into account the space it occupies with the rest of your luggage.


TRANSFER-BILBAO.COM has the compulsory travel insurances for all its vehicles and the voluntary civil liability insurance (limited to 50 million euros), according to the applicable legislation, as well as the corresponding administrative authorisations.

Apart from the compulsory travel insurance, all the vehicles have the corresponding licences and administrative authorizations for the activity of chauffeur driven car service.


All the vehicles have form claims at the client's disposal in case of a conflict between the latter and TRANSFER-BILBAO.COM, which cannot be solved at the moment.

Our liability

TRANSFER-BILBAO.COM is responsible for the provision of the requested transfer services in the best conditions of discretion, professionalism and punctuality, as well as for providing a vehicle of the same class or higher as requested. The colour of our vehicles may not be the same as those in our web.

In deference to our clients, our chauffeurs will help them with their luggage to the extent possible.

Customer's responsibility

The customer's responsibility is to be present at the stated time (unless e.g. a flight delay if the pick-up place is an airport) as well as to carry only standard luggage which fits in the boot (only hand luggage items will be allowed inside the vehicle).

The customer is also responsible of setting the pick-up time, which will be enough to arrive in time at the drop-off place. The approximate duration of the transfer will be shown during the reservation steps (which might be increased by adverse traffic or weather conditions) and it will only be taken as a reference. It's adviceable to extend the time alloted in case it's a transfer to e.g. an airport or a bus/train station.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms and conditions as well as any relation between TRANSFER-BILBAO.COM and the customer shall be governed and subject to Spanish law. Both parties will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Bilbao (Spain).


TRANSFER-BILBAO.COM pays great attention to the accuracy of the translation of its websites and Terms and Conditions. However, in the event of any discrepancy, the spanish version shall prevail.