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How to do the booking

Make the reservation of your transfer in just a few minutes

The Offer Finder

In this box you'll select the transfer date (pick-up date) the pick-up time (if it's in the airport you'll select the exact hour and minute of your flight arrival, since we check it online) the pick-up and drop-off places and the number of passengers. All these items are in an orange background, it's very intuitive, but you must be precise with the selected details.

If you can't find the pick-up or drop-off place/s in the selection list, you'll select the first element in orange: --ENTER MANUALLY-- and type the name of the location in the box below. In these box you'll enter only the city name (specifying if it's an airport if it's the case) The exact address isn't necessary, since it will be requested later on, in the Reservation section.

If you also need a private sightseeing or corporate tour apart from the transfer, you'll click on the last box (below the passengers one) Here you'll type the intermediate locations to visit and the duration of each one. In case you want to have lunch/dinner during the visit you must also specify the duration of it. This box cannot be used to give us details about a transfer without a visit, you'll have the oportunity to do it in the Reservation section.

Search Results

The results for your request will be shown here, where you'll find our offers for the different vehicles best suited for your transfer, with details such as maximum capacity, approx. duration of the trip, comfortability per passenger and the maximum of suitcases and hand luggage items (it is orientative, since there is an ample array of suitcase sizes) If you have any doubt, please consult us.

The prices you'll see in this section may vary depending on when you make the query, since we often make special offers (obviously, once your booking is done your price won't suffer any variation later on)


Once selected the vehicle, you'll be shown the extra items available for it. If you travel with children, you'll hire here the safety seats according to their age.

Reservation Confirmation

It this step you'll enter your personal data as well as the pick-up and drop-off complete addresses (or the flight number and origin if it's an airport) You'll also find the box other transfer details where you'll be able to give us any hint that you may consider of importance for your driver or your transfer in general.

You must be careful entering your email, since you'll receive the voucheur and confirmation this way. Your telephone number isn't compulsory but it's adviceable.


Once you have sent us your reservation request you'll be redirected to Kutxabank's payment web, operated by Redsys. This is a web with the latest in online security systems, being Kutxabank the most solvent banking house in our country. You must use a card compatible for this safety system, if you find any problem with your card, please contact your bank to configure it properly.

Right after completing the payment, you'll be redirected to our web again, where you'll be confirmed the booking. Then you'll receive 2 emails: one with all the details of your booking and another one with the voucher to show the driver.